Ethnographic Exhibition

The Ethnographic exhibition of Regional History Museum-town of Pazardzhik is housed in what used to be the largest residential building from the period of Bulgarian National Revival Vazrazhdane. The house has been built in 1850 and is representative of the traditional architecture of the time and specifically the so called Plovdiv Baroque style.
The building is declared monument of culture of national importance.
The presented exhibition illustrates different aspects of the traditional national lifestyle (typical for Pazardzhik region) some of which were practiced up to the middle of the 20th century.
Pazardzhik region covers parts of Rhodope mountain, the Upper Thracian plain and Sredna Gora mountain and is characterized by widely varied ethnographic and folklore traditions.
The museum keeps and exhibits valuable items related with everyday life, means of livelihood and spiritual culture of the region. There are displays of typical architecture of private and public buildings, crafts practiced at home and professionally. Some of the spotlights in the exhibition are grouped around the following themes Clothes and Textiles, National Arts, Rites and Holidays.
There are also several large collections presented such as: objects of town lifestyle; clothes; instruments and works of craftsmen; devices used for processing of wool, cotton, linen and hemp; architectural details; folk music instruments; ritual items and items related with folk applied arts.

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