Summer at the Museum

Summer at the Museum is program for children prepared by Regional History Museum-town of Pazardzhik. It is addressed at children aged 7 – 14 years and aims to promote the museum and its work. The activities take place at the Historic House Museum Konstantin Velichkov, the Ethnographic Exhibition and the Pazardzhik History Museum. Museum workers teach children how to use pottery wheel, to make kuker masks and natural soap bars, what the toys of their grandparents were, how to make wreaths and bouquets of flowers and herbs and present different medicinal plants and their usage in folk medicine. Other events include colouring and preparation of leaf collage, introduction to decoupage, making of woollen figurines and felt jewellery and museum visits accompanied with guided tours. The children participate in treasure hunt, solve jigsaw puzzles and crosswords and through fun activities and games learn about the natural cultural heritage and the need of its preservation.

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