Pazardzhik History Museum provides accessible environment to people with disabilities

Regional History Museum-town of Pazardzhik actively works in the direction of facilitation of access and provision of additional services to visitors with specific needs. In the period 2010 – 2015 the museum won and carried out 4 projects for provision of accessible environment to people with disabilities. The projects were financed by the Agency for People with Disabilities and their total budget amounts to 80 081 BGN.
The central entrance of the building is now easily accessible, the floor is level, the doors are specifically designed for people with disabilities – wider and lighter with easy to grab handles that are positioned 90 cm above the floor level, there are specialized lift and sanitary facilities as well. In addition to provision of accessible environment the museum employees with disabilities benefit from safe and healthy work environment achieved through repair, furnishing and equipping of their studies. Detailed information can be found at Projects Section.
Visitors with disabilities are granted free admission to the museum.

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