In June 1869, Vasil Levski founded a revolutionary committee in Pazardzhik. Marketers Georgi and Stefan Konsulovi,  Hadji Rashko Hadjiiliev, Kuzma Poptomov, Stoyan Akrabov, Nono Atanasov, and others were involved in the rebellion activity.

The number of members on the committee gradually increased, with people from all quarters of the city in it. In 1872, accompanied by Nikola Razhankov and Miho Stefanov, Levski founded committees in Pazardzhik villages, including Bratanitsa, Tsrancha, Ognyanovo,  Debrashtitsa, etc. At the end of November 1872, Apostle settled in Pazardjik. On December 1, 1872, the Apostle of Freedom left Pazardzhik, accompanied by Nikola Razhankov. The two parted ways in the Troyan monastery, from where Levski left for Lovech and Kakrina. In the Kakrina inn, the Turkish authorities captured the Apostle and sentenced him to death. In his dying hour, Levski was confessed by priest Todor Mitov, asking to be nominated in his prayers as “Hierodeacon Ignatius”.
The death sentence of one of the greatest Bulgarian heroes was carried out on February 18, 1873.

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