Exhibition Cultural Relics

In memory of the heroes from April Uprising in 1876

This exhibition provides visitors with the unique opportunity to see carefully preserved items related with the events from the April Uprising that are dear to the heart of every Bulgarian. The event has been organised by Regional History Museum-town of Pazardzhik and Stanislav Dospevski Art Gallery – Pazardzhik in partnership with the other history museums in the region. Seventeen invaluable relics leave the permanent exhibitions of the museums in Koprivshtitsa, Bratsigovo, Batak, Perushtitsa, Klisura, Panagyurishte and Strelcha to be part of the Cultural Relics exhibition.
The following items will be displayed:
– The flag of the revolutionaries from Koprivshtitsa with its foretelling inscription that the Ottoman Empire will fall.
– The gun that belonged to one of the lead organizers of the uprising Georgi Benkovski.
– The flag of Bratsigovo uprising organization committee sewn by Ana Gizdova who was born in Pazardzhik.
– The gun that belonged to Spas Ginev – national hero from Perushtitsa.
– The yatagan sword (that could be hidden in walking cane) that belonged to the Bulgarian priest Nikola Troyanov (aka pop Sokol) from Bratsigovo.
– The icon of Mary, mother of Jesus – the saviour of Klisura.
– Pistol belonging to Luka Landzhev who was killed fighting to protect Panagyurishte on 30 April 1876
– One of the flags of the cavalry led by Georgi Benkovski.
– Seal of Strelcha revolutionary committee bearing the legendary inscription Liberty or Death.
– Chronicle in gospel written by Pavel Koychev – participant in the cavalry led by Georgi Benkovski.
– Icon of Modestus of Jerusalem saved from the fire in Sveta Nedelya church in Batak.
– The gun that belonged to Angel Kerelov, national hero from Batak.
– Prayer book that belonged to priest Neycho Paunov who blessed the flag of Batak before the uprising and was slayed in front of Sveta Nedelya church.
Painting and graphics of Dimitar Gyudzhenov, Zlatka Dabova, Mana Parpulova and other famous painters help to visualise the dramatic events that took place 140 years ago.
The exhibition is sponsored by Pazardzhik municipality.