Modernization of the Archaeology Hall

On 28 September 2022, in the central building of the Regional History Museum – Pazardzhik, a press conference was held on the occasion of the launch of the activities under Project № BGCULTURE-1.001-0008 entitled “Revitalization of the space and renovation of the exhibition in the hall “Archaeology” of the Regional History Museum – Pazardzhik”.
The project includes the implementation of main activities such as:
– Awareness and publicity;
– Developing a Business Plan;
– Renovation and revitalization of space, interior, and renovation of exhibit space – supply, installation, and programming of security systems;
– Renovation of elements of the exterior of the room to be revitalized;
– Purchase and installation of air conditioning and ventilation equipment;
– Manufacturing, delivery, and installation of showcases;
– Purchase of equipment, machinery, and software;
– Providing technical and technological solutions for the benefit of people with disabilities and special needs;
– Equipment and furnishing of specialized spaces for the implementation of educational programs and initiatives, children’s workshops, screenings, etc.; printing aids for children and working with children with disabilities;
– Mobile app development, visualizations, interactive installations;
The new and modern exposition will give a start to the realization of many entrepreneurial ideas, which have so far been unfeasible due to the outdated exposition and lack of attractiveness. This will attract visitors from the city, the country, and abroad and will make Pazardzhik a preferred tourist destination.


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