Belt Buckle

On June 23, 2022 at 05.00 pm in the house-museum “Konstantin Velichkov”, site of the Regional Historical Museum – Pazardzhik, 6 Teodor Trayanov Str., will be opened the exhibition “Belt buckles from the fund of the Regional Historical Museum – Pazardzhik “.

The exhibition presents parts of a collection of belt buckles from the museum’s collection and includes over 50 samples.

The belt buckles are typical of our entire ethnic territory. They are used to fasten different types of belts – knitted, beaded, woven and are a connecting element of the individual parts of clothing.

The material from which they are made is silver and its alloys based on copper and bronze. Gold was used relatively little.

Buckles are an expression of social status. The bride receives them as a gift at her wedding from the boy.

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